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Tech Chronicles: Polaroid's New Shot at the Photography Business

San Francisco Chronicle


The days of old Polaroid pictures, the kind you shook for a minute while they developed, are over. The cameras are no longer sold, and the film will be gone soon enough.

So what do you do if you're Polaroid, which made its name on quick mobile printing of pictures? You take it to the next step.

On Sunday, Polaroid went to market with its Polaroid PoGo, a mobile picture printer that spits out 2x3-inch photos wirelessly from your cell phone or over a cord from a digital camera. The $150 device is meant to capture some of the same fun of the old Polaroid pictures but with a new digital twist.

I tried it out during the past few weeks and found that it was a nice novelty gadget. It's not perfect - the pictures are a little faded - but it provides some instant fun and a quick memento.


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