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Key Dates in Polaroid's Instant Photography History


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1920s, 30s and 40s –

  • Edwin Land, an American scientist and inventor with over 500 patent awards, develops the first Synthetic polarizer that would be used in a variety of products ranging from photographic filters, sunglasses and glare-reducing airplane windows.


  • In 1944, Land creates a one-step photographic system that would lead to the invention of the first instant camera. 


  • The introduction of the Polaroid Land camera, in 1948, marks the beginning of the brand’s legacy in instant photography.

1950s, 60s and 70s –

  • By 1950, more than a million packs of film have been sold.


  • Polaroid debuts colored film in 1963.


  • In 1972, Polaroid introduces the SX-70 – a fully-automatic, motorized, folding, single lens reflex, which ejects self-developing, self-timing color prints.  By 1976, sales of Polaroid cameras exceed 6 million units.


  • In 1977, Polaroid introduces the OneStep Land camera, an inexpensive, fixed-focus camera that would become the best selling conventional or instant camera in the U.S. for over four years.

1980s, 90s and 00s –

  • Well before its time, Polaroid begins selling its first digital camera, the PDC 2000 in 1996.


  • In 2008, Polaroid introduces the Polaroid PoGo™ Instant Mobile Printer, the first truly mobile digital printer that prints images from a cell phone via Bluetooth or a digital camera with a USB cord.

Today – 

  • Polaroid introduces the second product in its Polaroid PoGo™ line of digital instant photography products. 


  • The Polaroid PoGo™ Instant Digital Camera is the digital version of Polaroid’s iconic instant camera.  It is the first digital camera/printer combo that is portable enough to take anywhere.